Table of Contents

Sigrid Nunez, The Plan
Jamel Brinkley, No More Than a Bubble
Justin Taylor, From an iPhone 6
George Singleton, One More
Michael Byers, Valiant
Lynda Sexson, A 2nd Look at Love at 1st Sight
Mindy Friddle, Bug Man
Michelle Sleater, Attrition
Logan Newby, The Last Good Thing

Denis Donoghue, The End of the Affair
Matthew Vollmer, We All Go into the Dark
DeWitt Henry, On Bonds

Lee Upton, Political Ambition
Cutter Streeby, Amidah: Portrait of Berenice Abbot
Ojo Taiye, The Threshold of Small Chances
Ojo Taiye, Lesions
Chelsea Dingman, Anniversary with Yellow Iris
Christopher DeWeese, From: The Confessions