March 15, 2018

LitMag #2 Is Here — and On Its Way

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Litmag #2 Is here! We received a box of advance copies yesterday. Today copies are being mailed out to subscribers.

Copies are being shipped to the distributor warehouses, which means copies should hit the shelves at Barnes & Noble across the country within the next two weeks (a few days at the warehouses, reshipping to the bookstores, a few days in cartons at the book stores…). So give it a couple weeks, then ask if you don’t see it.

Someone recently wrote us, “Dear Lovely LitMag….”  Well, we’re trying. Let us know what you think of issue #2

Our deep thanks and gratitude to all of our contributors: Jamel Brinkley, Michael Byers, Christopher DeWeese, Chelsea Dingman, Denis Donoghue, Mindy Friddle, DeWitt Henry, Logan Newby (debut), Sigrid Nunez, Lynda Sexson, George Singleton, Michelle Sleater (debut), Cutter Streeby, Ojo Taiye, Justine Taylor, Lee Upton, Matthew Vollmer.

Subscribe today. Or head to your Barnes & Nobel in a couple of weeks. (We might eschew Amazon, for so many reasons).

Get your copy.  Hold it in your hands.

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