April 12, 2021

Spring Again

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Editing is different during a pandemic. Go ask any editor.

But there’s one thing even a pandemic cannot stop: submissions. Thankfully, they kept coming. In fact, they even surged, giving us hope of finding more new voices to sustain us.

We look forward to publishing our next issue in the fall, another beautiful printed object it feels good to hold. After a year of pandemic, it is important to learn again to touch and hold things with an open heart.

And we look forward to reading more submissions. Many of the top literary magazines have narrowed their windows for unsolicited submissions–to three months, two months, or even only one month. We at LitMag remain committed to long submission periods. We’re here to read and sift, part of our mission to provide you with a literary magazine you cannot put down.

We’re glad it’s spring again. Wishing all in our community good health and a springtime of reading that renews.

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