Table of Contents*

Elvis Bego, The Word Is the Word
Bethany Edstrom, Hand and Foot (debut)
Kevin Moffett, City of Trees*
Chinelo Okparanta, David & Osi
Valerie O’Riordan, Bad Girl
Bette Pesetsky, Demimonde
Emily Saso, All the Bells (debut)
Christine Sneed, In the Park
Marc Watkins, For the Love of Broken Things

Harold Bloom, Who Else Is There?
Kelly Cherry, My Beethoven**
William H. Gass, Excerpt from Baroque Prose

John Ashbery, Just the One Episode***
Jonathan Greenhause, Parts Unknown
J. C. Jordan, 40 East to Knoxville (debut)
Judith Skillman, China Shop
John Stupp, The Foundry

*Best American Short Stories 2018 – distinguished story
**Best American Essays 2018 – distinguished essay
***Pushcart Prize XLIII: Best of the Small Presses (2019)

This is the Table of Contents for Issue #1, which was publish in 2017.