Table of Contents

Elvis Bego, The Word Is the Word
Bethany Edstrom, Hand and Foot (debut)
Kevin Moffett, City of Trees*
Chinelo Okparanta, David & Osi
Valerie O’Riordan, Bad Girl++
Bette Pesetsky, Demimonde
Emily Saso, All the Bells (debut)
Christine Sneed, In the Park**
Marc Watkins, For the Love of Broken Things

Harold Bloom, Who Else Is There?
Kelly Cherry, My Beethoven***
William H. Gass, Excerpt from Baroque Prose

John Ashbery, Just the One Episode****
Jonathan Greenhause, Parts Unknown
J. C. Jordan, 40 East to Knoxville (debut)
Judith Skillman, China Shop
John Stupp, The Foundry

*Best American Short Stories 2018 – distinguished story
**Pushcart Prize XLIII (2019) – Special Mention
***Best American Essays 2018 – distinguished essay
***Pushcart Prize XLIII (2019)
++The O. Henry Prize (2019)

This is the Table of Contents for Issue #1, which was publish in 2017.