Table of Contents

Kevin Moffett, Eight Days
Corinna Vallianatos, Dogwood
Omer Friedlander, An Incomplete List of Things?                        Stolen from My Family
J.G. Parisi, The Garbage Dump Veteran Museum and Gallery
Scott Nadelson, A Theory of Harmony
Eliezra Shaffzin, Seesaw
Laura Rockefeller, The Lady on the Point
Steve Mitchel, The Return of the Capellmeister
R.D. Puller, So Ezra He Became
Chloe Chun Seim, Taco Bell Is Coming for Gypsum, Kansas

J.D. Ho, The Crayfish and the Coral

Publishing in the Pandemic

Morgan Entrekin, Interview
Mark Gottlieb, Interview

Charles Simic, My Love
Rosanna Warren, “They set about wasting the land”
Rosanna Warren, Still Life
Ayokunle Falomo, Self-Portrait with Two Circles
T.J. McLemore, Video Games

This is the Table of Contents for Issue #4, published in 2021.