Table of Contents

Siobhan Fallon, The Lost Letters of Lucia Joyce
Celeste Mohammed, Santimanitay
Aryeh Lev Stollman, Dreams Emerging
A. Joachim Glage, A Note on a Note on the Paraclitans
Meghan E. O’Toole, Abditory
Blake Butler, Ex-Iconic
Marléne Zadig, Lines from Superhero Movies I’ve Seen

Jill Talbot, Of Seasons

A Tribute To Edward W. Tayler
Marc Berley, Ted Tayler
Jhumpa Lahiri, Edward Tayler: In Remembrance
Paul Auster, Ted Tayler
Tony Kushner, Edward Tayler
Edward W. Tayler, Self-Help Sheet

Ange Mlinko, Scales and Probability
Seth Brady Tucker, What We Gave
Seth Brady Tucker, The Brimming of Cigarette Butts?                        in Coffee Cans
Seth Brady Tucker, Like Chaff
Terese Svoboda, Verona Not Venice
John Blair, Rabbits

This Table of Contents for Issue #3, published in 2020.