Table of Contents

George Singleton, The
Jessica Treadway, An Interest in History*
Marc Berley, Introducing the Chicken
Melissa Pritchard, Tsunami
Gina Ochsner. Shadowlands
Alexander Almaguer, Cypress Junction
Dustin M. Hoffman, Privy
Delano S. C. Parisi, The Immortal Ontologist in the Apocalypse
Caroline Kim, The End of the Dynasty
Julio Cortázar, Bottle to the Sea (Epilogue to a Story) Translated by Harry Morales

Holly Day, Echoes of the Dog
Michael Bazzett, Sometimes
M Sarki, Just Like Her Picture
Derek Otsuji, A Snail’s (Post)script

Nicole Elizabeth Miller, Rhapsody on a Northern Light

*Best American Short Fiction (2023) Distinguished Story